Sonder real estate marketing

  • Challenge

    I joined the Sonder Real Estate team to help with b2b marketing. At the time, they were going through a brand edit to refresh the look and feel of the brand to make it more “mature” for the real estate owners we were pitching to.

    My task was to create collateral that straddled the line between the old design system and the new system. 


    I developed a number of templates in-line with but also having a personality of its own (seeing as b2b has different objectives than b2c marketing.) I made sure to run my designs by brand for the nod of approval. 

    My real estate marketing system consisted of bold color blocks and grid layouts. The bold swaths of color  are symbols of confidence and building blocks. Sonder should be known in the hospitality space as innovators, building upon the foundation that traditional hospitality has set.

    Sonder is now a market leader and our collateral should exude the confidence that comes with being a market leader.

    I’m grateful to have gotten an opportunity to build upon the existing system and bridge the gap between the old and the new.