How to design wolf logo with golden ratio | Tutorial

  • What is the golden ratio?

    The golden ratio, also known as the divine proportion, golden mean, or golden section is a mathematical ratio. It is commonly found in nature, and it can also be used to achieve beauty, balance and harmony in art, design ( such as: architecture, logos, UI Design…) and photography.

    How to create Golden Ratio Grid?

    A Fibonacci sequence starting with 0 and 1. The previous two numbers are added together to produce the next number in the sequence: 0,1,1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21,…

    So, how to create the golden ratio grid? This is one of the easiest ways, i’ll start with a square, then add a similar square on the right side, and so on… as GIF below.

  • Step by step: How to design a logo with golden ratio

    Step 01. I will sketch some ideas of my mind about the wolf — fast drawing
  • Step 02. Using Adobe Illustrator to design and apply the circle grids
  • Please take a look at the video tutorial. This tutorial will show you exactly how to design a wolf logo from the sketch to vector
  • Final result

    What do you think about this logo?


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