• This was the essential look that I came up for on the repackaged lipstick for Buxom. 
  • For packaging I decided to keep the shadow box in rectangle form. With  my group we came up with the idea of having a mirror on the inside bottom panel and the eyeshadows would come out on the side. On the panel above I offered the idea of having th eyes looking at you and have three "get the look" cards that we would offer. 
  • For the following class everyone was divded into groups and the teacher chose team captains. We would dicuss what changes we were making as a team and then each captain would present what their group came up with and took the feedback from the class back to their group and made changes accodringly. I was one and unfortunately we weren't able to do much of the actual following work. However all the cpatians chose the following backgrounds and format the powerpoints as followed we also edited and fixed up anything we saw that needed to be fixed. 
  • The slide above was actualy done by me coming up with the date and prices. 
  • The following two blog posts are two posts in which we needed to do for a Social Media Marketing class. 
  • This was taken from a final preentation we did for the same Social Media class. we chose the brand Bite and this slide was me explaining what four platforms we would untilize in promoting our new campaign in which we would have a protable Lip Lab. The biggest being Facebook, Instagram, and Twiter. However i chose periscope as a new one because we would have a clebrity endorment from Chloe Grace Mortez and as she was creating her new lip color we would be sreaming live on Periscope. Rather than doing snapchat where we could miss something as we are uploading each individual video on our story. 
  • Im very proud of the overall concept and presentation we did for Plastique in our Fundementals of Cosmetics. When i found out we would essentially create a cosmetic company I knew I wanted to go for a classic nostalgic barbie look. Which is where we went with Plastique. Having old Barbie meet new Barbie and hitting those 90s nostalgic feels.