• Fixation — Brochure
    Voise, an art gallery that showcases trends in current popular culture, whose tagline is “Visual Statements”, had an art exhibition in their gallery to show the evolution and expression of urban bike culture
  • “Visual Statements” and self-expresson is the concept of the brochure. The process of a trifold brochure will take the audience through a process of discovery. Each panel gives a small piece of a bigger picture just as every component contributes to the completion of a bike.
  • The design of the brochure will plays on negative space and minimal design to emphasize a gallery setting, but the use bright colors give a feeling of approachability and playfulness. Colors also emphasis the meaning of Voise which is “Visual Statements”.
    The illustrations convey a human touch as well as portray the idea of self expression. They also tie in to the fact that the customization of a bike is art and the bike frame is a blank canvas.