Brand Identity | 2016 Lost Apparel

  • "LOST AMONG THE SHEEP" Our tagline
    “LOST is about the spirit of individuality with and a disregard for the norm. People who stand out, do just that, stand out. The sheep call them LOST but they are truly the ones who found themselves. LOST is not about the hip or now but it is about recognition of one's state in the world. We embrace those who call us LOST.”
    Lost apparel is a new Los Angeles based apparel company with a blatant disregard for trends, movements, sensitivity, and authorities. Lost is for men and women who never felt like they fit right into their herd.  Today everything is about trends and quick passings. The Lost are forever maintained in solidarity, and we are steadfast in our ways. While everything wavers we remain strong in our dispositions. Lost is not for the masses, but for the one who realizes he doesn't belong to the masses. The sheep call us Lost and we embrace the title with pride.  To be Lost means we are Lost, rid, of you and feel lighter already. Our mindset can be summarized in our Ethos.
  • Sample of Lost Products (LOST-TEE & BLUE BOMBER)
    Our products are our calling card and ID. They are what visually separates the Lost from the sheep. We use our mark to stand out to others who are Lost. We want our products to raise questions to those who do not know. When the Lost are united in style, the sheep have no choice to take notice. When the sheep begin to ask questions, we have done our job.
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  • The website is our main tool to reach out to the sheep and convert them. Here is where we embrace those who may not understand us or our philosophy. Our blog page is updated frequently and used to keep all the members of Lost informed and up to date on our objective.  Here we can disseminate our ethos, mindset, style and gear. This is our outlet to the masses
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