Manufactured Beauty

  • "Manufactured Beauty"
    Gigi Gayle for ERA 1: AUGMENTED
  • The first era of the DÆV universe explores the intriguing world of plastic surgery. This collection emphasizes the beauty and nature of the enhanced human body.
  • Creation
    The visual concept was inspired by the contrast of sophistication and seduction in plastic surgery; high-end medical procedures done to achieve a high level of “sexiness”. We’ve incorporated robotic arms to emphasize the impact of technology on the world of beauty.
  • Credits
    Model: Gigi Gayle / Makeup: Gigi Gayle / Hair: Davin Gaoiran / Styling: Devon Macalib-Og / Photography: Davin Gaoiran / Editing: Davin Gaoiran, Devon Macalib-Og / Creative Direction: Devon Macalib-Og, Davin Gaoiran